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Gold, the most popular investment in the United States in 2023

According to a study by The Lazy Trader, gold, silver, and oil are among the most popular investments in 2023 for individuals.

| Updated on 13-01-2024 18:42 | Published on 11-01-2024 17:12 

A recent study published by financial publisher The Lazy Trader reveals the most popular types of personal investments in the United States in 2023. The study used Google search data to determine the search volume for each type of personal investment.

Search terms such as "investment advice" and "tips" were used to gauge overall search volume, allowing for establishing a ranking. According to the study, the most searched personal investment in the United States is gold, with an average monthly search volume of 1,191,827. Gold, as a commodity, fluctuates based on supply and demand, making it a popular long-term investment.

In second place, silver comes in, with an average monthly search volume of 677,527. Silver is a valuable asset and an affordable alternative to gold in combating inflation. The growing global demand for silver also makes it a desirable investment.

In third place, we find oil, with an average monthly search volume of 588,808. Oil is an essential commodity used on a global scale. Due to the decreasing supply and high demand, oil is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, thus offering significant profit potential.

Other popular investments include natural gas, forex, real estate, copper, options, penny stocks, and platinum. It's important to highlight that selecting a personal investment needs to be carefully studied. In-depth research is essential for understanding the pros and cons of each investment. Every investor should be aware of market fluctuations and ensure to put their money in a reliable form of investment.

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