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Groupama AM launches a new bond fund: the G Fund - Alpha Fixed Income Plus

This launch is part of a bond solution development strategy, two years after its management was reorganized at Groupama AM.

| Updated on 02-02-2024 19:32 | Published on 01-02-2024 11:10 

Groupama Asset Management announces the strengthening of its absolute performance fund range with the development of the G Fund - Alpha Fixed Income Plus. This fund is meant to offer investors bond diversification and aims "to adopt a market-neutral management, distinguished by a more dynamic strategy with a performance goal of capitalized Ester + 2%.

The management strategy of this fund relies on two distinct pools:
- a core pool, composed of Investment Grade or High Yield bonds and short maturities for portfolio liquidity,
- an alpha pool, designed to generate absolute performance using arbitrage strategies on rate and credit markets, seeking and exploiting technical and fundamental inefficiencies in the markets.

The fund is managed by a team of four co-managers - Damien Martin, Frédéric Aubin, Julien Beaupuis, and Laurent Fabiani – Lagarde. According to the statement, they aim to adopt flexible, responsive, and opportunistic management, allowing them to exploit market inconsistencies.

Julien Moutier and Thomas Prince, Directors of Bond Management, clarify that in a bond market environment where volatility is anticipated for 2024, the choice was made to favor a short-term absolute performance solution with a very limited directionality.

Note that the fund is also subject to several significant risks, such as the risk of capital loss, credit risk, counterparty risk, risk associated with investment in derivative products, and sustainability risks.

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