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IA: Ta-da raises $3.5m€ to launch its blockchain data collection platform

The French start-up is launching the first participatory data collection platform combining AI, blockchain, and data. Its launchpad is expected in February.

| Updated on 13-01-2024 18:51 | Published on 11-01-2024 13:55 

The French start-up Ta-da, emerging from the R&D of Vivoka, a leader in voice recognition and AI, has recently launched the world's first platform for data collection and annotation via the blockchain.

In a press release dated January 10, 2024, Ta-da announced a fundraising of $3.5 million as well as the launch of its launchpad scheduled for February 9th of the same year. Available on Android and iOS, the platform claims to have a community exceeding several tens of thousands of users and capable of managing over 100,000 tasks in a single day.

Through the use of blockchain, Ta-da provides specific, reliable, and fairly priced data to AI creating companies. The fundraising proceeds will allow Ta-da to deploy its strategy globally and recruit massively. The start-up will also benefit from its partnership with MultiversX to enter the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Ta-da thus promises to meet the specific needs of AI creating companies by providing them with qualified, verified, and traceable data. Its user community, which collects and verifies data, is also remunerated for its contributions and benefits from the transparency of the blockchain.

Ta-da will be present at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

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