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Life Insurance: Up to 4.12% with Placement-direct

| Updated on 13-02-2024 10:41 | Published on 30-01-2024 09:51 

Placement-direct, which had already revealed a net return rate of 4.10% on the euro funds of the Placement-direct Euro+ contract in early January, announces the continuation of 2023 performances.

According to the broker, the Placement-direct Essential life insurance contract insured by Generali Vie has generated up to 4.12% return on the Netissima euro funds and 2% on the Eurossima funds.

The Placement-direct Vie and PER Placement-direct contracts, insured by SwissLife, show a return of up to 4%, an increase compared to the 3.25% of 2022.

In both cases, the maximum rates correspond to the bonus rate, obtained from a significant portion of unit accounts in the investment portfolio.

The PER Placement-direct Retraite ISR, launched in September 2023, shows a yield of 3.30%.

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