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Crypto: Bitcoin Soars by 17% in a Month - Today's Trends

Bitcoin continues its ascent towards 50,000 euros. An update on notable movements of the day in the cryptocurrency market.

| Published on 12-02-2024 17:37 

In the realm of cryptocurrency markets, the past 24 hours have witnessed intriguing movements. Bitcoin (BTC) now trades around $45,918.90, accompanied by a positive change of 3.03% compared to the opening price. In a month, the cryptocurrency has climbed nearly 17%.

Ethereum (ETH) also advanced. Its price stands at $2,359.51, with a moderate rise today of 1.95%. Solana (SOL) trades at $100.60, up 1.34%.

Looking at the most volatile cryptos today, API3 saw a significant increase with +21.70%. Merit Circle is not far behind with an impressive rise of +18.85%. Other cryptocurrencies have shown significant growth signs, such as Universal Market Access (13.96%), Star Atlas DAO (12.71%), and Immutable X (11.62%).

Conversely, some cryptocurrencies have seen their value drop. This is notably the case with Songbird, which saw a significant decrease of -7.95%. Oxygen is not far behind with a decline of -5.84%, while Rubic fell by -4.87%. Interlay, KeeperDAO, and Request also recorded respective declines of -3.92%, -3.44%, and -3.27%.

As these fluctuations suggest, the cryptocurrency market remains volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, investments should be made with caution and a thorough analysis of the market. While these figures reflect the market's movement in the last 24 hours, they could change rapidly in a dynamic and ever-changing market like cryptocurrencies.

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