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Negative outlook for real estate developers in 2024 due to an unfavorable economic environment

According to Morningstar, despite a negative outlook for the real estate development sector in Europe and North America in 2024, developers continue to strive to boost efficiency and mitigate uncertainties regarding costs

| Updated on 13-01-2024 18:52 | Published on 10-01-2024 20:16 

In a press release dated January 10, 2024, Morningstar DBRS paints a gloomy picture for the real estate development sector in Europe and North America for the current year. The financial rating agency predicts that developers will have to navigate a tough economic environment, coupled with persistent issues on housing affordability. The inflation of construction material costs and the increase in financing costs, combined with a slowdown in the sale of new and existing homes, could result in increased pressure on developers' profit margins.

In response to these challenges, developers are looking to strengthen their sales strategies and incentives, in the hope of attracting buyers despite affordability issues. They are also striving to optimize the efficiency of their construction cycles to reduce cost uncertainties and delays. These adjustments are necessary to prepare them for a potential recovery in the real estate market.

According to Margaret Rabba, Vice President of Morningstar DBRS's Diversified Industries sector, inventory transformation, price adjustments, and incentive programs are intended to address buyer concerns about affordable prices. Developers are also selective in their projects and are constantly seeking cost efficiencies, showing some optimism for the long-term fundamentals of the sector.

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