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WISEED Raised 96 Million Euros in 2023, a 28% Increase

Wiseed, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in France, announces that it experienced a record year in 2023 with €96M raised in real estate, energy transition, and innovative startups (+28% vs 2022). The total amount raised in favor of projects since its inception in 2008 now approaches nearly €500 million.

| Updated on 13-02-2024 10:39 | Published on 02-02-2024 12:00 

For 2023, real estate crowdfunding accounts for half of the funds raised, with 48 million euros. Real estate projects have yielded an average net return of 9.7%, and the platform also reimbursed 40 million euros to investors during the year (300 million euros since its inception). Meanwhile, investment services raised 31 million euros while startup funding in the transition generated 17 million euros.

Thanks to the acquisition of the European ECSP approval (European Crowdfunding Service Provider), mandatory since November 2023 for all crowdfunding platforms, Wiseed aims to become the first regulated "third-party trust" platform in Europe. The company also raised 4 million euros to support its new development.

Finally, the platform also diversified its offer, proposing investments in private debt, equity, and diversified funds, and other investment funds such as SCPIs. They claim to have plans to join the DLT pilot regime to work on tokenization projects in close collaboration with regulators.

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