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Altaprofits and Generali Vie Forecast 3.10 to 4.12% for the Euro Fund in 2023

The online broker announces a rate of 3.10% for savers with 0 to 50% of unit accounts, and 4.12% beyond 60% of UC.

| Updated on 02-02-2024 20:01 | Published on 18-01-2024 15:30 

For 2023, Altaprofits has just announced a profit-sharing rate of 3.10 to 4.12% for the Netissima euro fund. This fund is proposed in its contracts Altaprofits Vie (life insurance) and Altaprofits Capitalization (capitalization), both insured by Generali Vie. The average market rate is expected to be around 2.50%, according to early analyses.

The distribution of returns for 2023, intended for contract subscribers, is as follows:
- For a unit of account (UC) share of less than 40%, the net profit-sharing rate for 2023 is 3.10%. The same rate is maintained for a UC percentage ranging from 40 to 50%.
- For a UC percentage between 50 and 60%, the rate is 3.50%.
- Finally, for a percentage above 60%, the rate is 4.12%.

Generali Vie has thus decided to make the second level of bonus on balance available from 0% of unit of account. Therefore, all contracts with a UC investment share in the balance of less than 50% will benefit from a 150% multiplier bonus.

It should be remembered that past performances do not predict future performances and they are not constant over time. Furthermore, investment in UC supports bears a risk of capital loss due to fluctuations in values based on changes in financial markets. The insurer commits to the number of UCs, not their value, which it does not guarantee.

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