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Linxea: How does the online broker measure up? Our review

Known in France for life insurance, Linxea now offers numerous investments. The watchword remains the same: reduced fees and a wide range of support options.

Reading Time : 3 minut(s) - | Updated on 02-02-2024 19:06 | Published on 02-02-2024 09:30 

A pioneer in online brokerage, Linxea has broken the mold and cut the costs

At the dawn of the 2000s, Linxea was born with an innovative proposition for the time: making life insurance more accessible through the Internet. Twenty years later, the online broker boasts 100,000 customers and over 3 billion euros in assets under management. And a variety of investment offerings.

Thanks to an approach focused on innovation, and especially cutting costs, Linxea has helped redefine the standards of the industry, providing an attractive alternative to traditional channels of savings and investment.

Today, the broker offers a variety of savings products tailored to each life project. While it remains their flagship product, life insurance is now complemented by a Pension Savings Plan (PSP), a Share Savings Plan (SSP), capitalization contracts, and even structured products and a range of Real Estate Investment Companies (REICs).

This variety allows savers to find the options most in line with their goals. Whether it's to build up capital, prepare for retirement, pass on assets, or benefit from tax optimizations.

In every respect, the house policy remains the same: low fees, a variety of supports, and easy subscription.

Assurance Vie

Low fees on investment wrappers

One of Linxea's major strengths lies in its competitive fee structure. The company has chosen to reduce, or even eliminate, entry fees on most of its products, while offering some of the lowest management fees on the market.

This strategy not only makes savings more accessible but also maximizes potential returns for investors, in an industry where fees can significantly impact the performance of long-term investments.

Linxea thus offers 4 life insurance contracts and 3 retirement plans (PER) without any fees on contributions or arbitrations (purchases and resale). The same applies to capitalization contracts or the PEA: the saver does not pay to deposit money into these accounts, nor when they decide to buy or sell assets.

However, it should be noted that as with all other brokers, the assets subscribed through Linxea's envelopes may be subject to their own fees.

In terms of management fees, the story is the same: The Linxea Avenir 2, Linxea Vie, Linxea Spirit 2, and Linxea Zen contracts are lower than the market average on most units of account. On the Euro fund, only Linxea Spirit 2 is above with the Euro New Generation fund.

Diversified assets, a benefit for the general public

Low fees does not mean reduced offerings. Indeed, another advantage of Linxea is the diversity of investment vehicles and units of accounts offered: between 350 and 800 for life insurance contracts and PERs. A good part of asset classes are represented: stocks, bonds, dedicated or thematic funds, ETFs, real estate funds (SCPI, OPCI), structured funds and responsible investment... The choice is large.

Despite this abundant offer, customers are not left to fend for themselves. In self-management, savers can choose their investments. But they can draw inspiration from "star allocations", which are portfolio proposals generated by the broker based on different profiles. They can also choose to delegate their investments to specialists through managed accounts or management mandates.

The broker also offers euro funds, which depend on the insurer of each contract: Generali, Apicil, Suravenir... Therefore, the annual performances are linked to those of the assets offered in each contract.

The simplicity of an online platform

Subscribing to a contract or an investment can sometimes be perceived as complex. Linxea does everything to make this experience simple.

The broker fully takes advantage of digital technologies to offer its clients a secure and easy-to-use online platform. With the Linxea client space, savers can manage their investments autonomously, with the ability to carry out operations (deposits, withdrawals, arbitrations) directly online, all while having a comprehensive and real-time overview of their investments.

Although the essence of Linxea is the dematerialized management of savings, the company does not forget the importance of personalized advice. Savers can benefit from tailor-made recommendations, adapted to their risk profile and financial objectives, whether through the website or by directly contacting Linxea's customer service.

Very positive customer reviews, but a few drawbacks

When searching online, what are the customer reviews on Linxea? Most users seem satisfied with the services and products offered by this online broker. The objective, therefore, seems to be achieved. But however rosy the picture may be, some comments highlight a few limitations.

While they are not in the majority, some customers occasionally point out the slowness of the customer service when it comes to redeeming a life insurance contract. The same goes for unlocking a PER before retirement under circumstances permitted by law. One of Linxea's limitations is that it is a broker, that is, an intermediary. Therefore, there is a lag between the time the customer approaches him and the insurer processes the information. In some cases, the timelines can therefore be extended: the broker doesn't control the workings within the insurance company.

Overall, the balance is still positive.